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The wide ground plane and low ground height make it safe to use, reducing the risk of injury. Great for use by the general public and children. It can be used for women and the elderly.

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Smart Balance Trainer 450

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FAVE450 is recommended for the general public and children.

It is recommended for young children, elderly people, or sports beginners.

FAVE450 is an optimized device for home training.

FAVE enables comprehensive exercise such as core muscle enhancement, full body exercise, and aerobic exercise.

The balance ball is also used for rehabilitation and increases the body's.

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FAVE 450

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FAVE is more than a quarter lighter than other balance balls.

Safe material

EVA material is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration(US FDA)

Custom design

It is designed to be wide enough to be able to do carious exercises with height not to be crowded on the ankle.


You can use it indoors or outdoors, regardless of location.

fave 450 spec

FAVE spec

  • Product name
  • FAVE smart balance trainer
  • Weight
  • 3.9 lb
  • Width
  • 17.7 in
  • Height
  • 5.9 in
  • Maximum load
  • 440.9 lb
  • Material
  • EVA material
  • Product composition
  • product, user's guide, pump, sensor
  • Manufacturer
  • Strong Friend.INC
  • production site
  • Made in Korea

Product caution

1. Always use safe space before use.

2. Stretch before using FAVE.

3. Always check for damage before use.

4. Do not use it in humid places.

5. Keep away from fire and use it.

6. Do not disassemble or change arbitrarily.

Q & A

Q1. Is a manual available?

FAVE manual comes with the device in the package box.

Q2. Warranty period?

1 year warranty period guaranteed.

Q3. How do I charge the sensor?

Charge with Micro 5 pin cable.

Q4. How do I check the battery level?

You can check the battery level on the app.

Q5. How does it connect to the app?

Turn on Bluetooth > Open the app > Setting > Auto pairing complete

Q6. Customs

In terms of customs clearance, we are not able to address every claim individually due to different customs duties by county. While we do everything on our side to limit customs charges, ultimately backers are responsible for clearing customs.

Return condition(exchange & refund condition)

* non-exchangeable and returnable

- Customer simple change, incorrect purchase

- If the returned product has significantly reduced the value of the product due to your use. (contaminated, damaged, partially lost, the product has been destroyed and marked for use)

- If the label of the product falls off due to the nature of the product with built-in sensors. (if the packaging of the product is cut, lost or damaged)

- If the value of the product has been lost to the point where it is difficult to resell it after time has elapsed.

- Tube: It's normal if the air tube is deflated in the product. When the tube is deflated, you can fill it with the air pump included.

- Bluetooth connection: The automatic disconnect of Bluetooth does not apply to the return condition.

- If you can't see it as a defect in the product, the shipping fee will be your responsibility.

- As for A/S, free repair is possible within the warranty period, but mechanical parts such as sensor failure due to incorrect use may be paid-in repair.