About us

Strong Friend

we are Strong Friend who produces and markets FAVE Smart Healthcare products that integrate ICT technology with functional training exercise equipment. The goal is to manage future user motion data through artificial intelligence AI and deep learning to create an IOT healthcare platform and products for people around the world.

CEO Se-don, Hwang

  • -Former Bodybuilder
  • -Fitness Specialist
  • -2015 Fitness America
  • -Weekend In Lasvegas Top 5
  • -2015 Musclemania Korea 1st Place


  • Professional strategic consultant and entrepreneur. Former R&D manager and now Partner at Investable Solution investment banking firm.


  • Former venture capital professional Over twenty years of experience in helping startups launch internationally. Partner at Investable Solutions.


  • Specialist in international business development with a focus on Israel-Asia relations, Galit has a deep network of partners and clients across East Asia, including many investors and startups.


  • Professor of Strategy and Organization and a former Associate Dean at the Korea University Business School(KUBS). Startup strategy expert and mentor

KeeYup Lee

  • Experienced management professional, KyeeYup is a linchpin of Korean startup development in Korea.

S/W Min-Han, Park

  • -Web Development
  • -S/W Development

S/W Su-Min, Woo

  • -Make Physical Training Content
  • -S/W Development

S/W Jeong-Yeon, Lee

  • -App UI/UX Development
  • -S/W Development

Designer Ah-Hyun, Lee

  • -Content Design
  • -Make mobile Content
  • -UI/UX Design
  • -WEB Design

Designer Kwang-Lae, Jo

  • -Product Design
  • -UI/UX Design
  • -Make sport goods

Designer Yong-Jin, Kim

  • -Product Design
  • -UI/UX Design
  • -Make sport goods

Vision & CEO

"A healthy and happy world through exercise"

Hello? Hwang Se-don, CEO of a healthy friend who developed Fave

I'm a professional bodybuilder.

I recovered my injury through a balance training exercise and even won the competition.

With this experience, I developed a balance training organization, FAVE, to promote the balance training movement.

I hope everyone will enjoy working out and become healthier with FAVE.

  • Strong Friend Inc.
  • CEO

Way to come

I'll show you the way to visit.

  • Company
  • Sentom-dong-ro, Haeundae-gu, Busan 45 CENTOP 304
  • Subway
  • Exit 4 of Centum City Station on Subway Line 2 for 15 minutes on foot.