Let's play with FAVE

Mad Runner

madrunner's tablet screen

There are obstacles based on unique themes along with various stages. The character must pass through the goal point without drowning. Characters can move to the left, right, and jump.

madrunner's mobile screen

Driving master

driving master's tablet screen

It's a racing simulation game with amazing graphics and challenging multistage levels. Adjust the orientation to the left and right.

driving master's mobile screen

Smashy World

smashy world's tablet screen

Start destroying small objects on the road. The more you destroy, the larger the player becomes, the more objects you can destroy.

smashy world's mobile screen


fave surf's tablet screen

It's a game where you surf to your destination without hitting obstacles Enjoy the realistic waves now at home.

fave surf's mobile screen
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Game apps can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.

There will be a variety of games to be released.