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Smart Balance Training

Exercise Management System

FAVE fitness app lets you see the effects of exercise right away.

COP indicators and professional medical indicators such as muscle activity, as well as basic information such as a person's body fat and calorie consumption.

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Smart Balance Trainersvary the central axis, increasing the amount of exercise and nerve muscle tone in a short period of time, as well as strengthening muscles, tendons, ligaments, and growth plates around the hip, knees and ankles.

Smart Balance Training

By checking BMI index, fat volume, muscle mass, etc. you can learn about your body information and compare your body information with the standard value. Designs customized exercise programs based on the results of your fitness measurements.

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Training Mode

Video lessons from professional training instructors are available and the sensor alerts you to correct attitude. It also helps you choose the set of exercises you need to work out to fit your body.

1:1 Training Mode

While training and playing games with 1:1 customizable markers, FAVE measure various information such as COP(Center Of Pressure), VO2MAX, and calorie consumption to help you manage your health in a smart way.

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Record the movement data for each exercise. The data recorded for the training is easy to review graphically representing the changes and providing a quick, at-a-glance view.