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Principle of FAVE

Functional Training Exercise + ICT Technology

principle of fave

Smart healthcare product that combines functional training exercise equipment with ICT technology.

Our own motion-sensing sensor is built inside the product, so you can enjoy a variety of sensualized content and health information after exercising through the smartphone app.

Patents & Intellectual Property

All technologies are protected by a total of seven patents and intellectual property rights.

Our technical skills are in the establishment of a gaming balance exercise system, self-developed motion sensors, user motor information delivery algorithms, light apps, and special materials.

patents of fave

Features of FAVE


All you have to do is play games and enjoy your exercise.


Smart apps provide information such as medical indicators and exercise and calorie consumption.

Motion Sensor

Available on smartphones, tablets, TVs and VR via Bluetooth communications from the product's motion-sensing sensors.

material of FAVE

eva material

EVA(Ethylene Vinyl Acetate)

EVA material is a flexible rubber-like plastic. It has been approved by the U.S. FDA and proven to be stable enough to be incorporated into food ingredients.

Due to the product material and process characteristics of the EVA material, the finish may not be uniform, such as slight migration or peeling.